Putting You Out There in Digital Space

life zone

The Life Zone is an internet radio show hosted on Zone Radio. The show format combines music and interviews with guests who are specialists in their field of expertise. The show was conceptualised, researched and produced by Alien House. 


Bfm1 is an online radio station that provides adult contemporary music seven days a week. The core focus of their playlists are all the classic hits from Now and Then. Alien House is responsible for the research and compilation of all Bfm1's scheduling and programming. To view Bfm1 :


the voice coach

The Voice Coach is a South African based digital portal of voice practitioners, consultants, trainers and coaches who are highly respected in their chosen fields. It is a dedicated networking platform designed to heal, inspire and make a positive difference in your life. To view  the Voice Coach :


living in south korea

Our client commissioned Alien House to project manage the publishing of Living & Working in South Korea from start to finish. The book has been published in hard-cover, as well as in digital format. It is available on the Amazon and Kindle platforms. To view the book :


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